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So I've been gone for quite a while in
the sense that I haven't been posting anything, and I'm sorry, School has been going into overdrive lately but I have alot of already drawn, and colored artwork for you guys that actually watch me, so thanks for hanging in there.

On a seperate note, I'm thinking of changing my name or completely starting a new account, so tell me what you guys think about that.

Sorry for the late celebration, but yeah, happy easter!
Merry Christmas!
So I've been and will continue to be on a hiatus for a bit, I am still working on ALOT of content!
  • Listening to: Star wars music
  • Reading: The Giver
  • Watching: Markiplier
So I have just realized I'm good aquantences wit the creator of the half sail dimetrodon guy, tarbosaurus battar...... So there's that!!!
  • Listening to: Tsunami
  • Reading: The journal entry
  • Watching: jackspeticeye.
So I;ve been tagged with the 13 question thing so here they are!

1- My favorite Dinosaur is Baryonx

2- I'm a first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and still going

3-I love Doctor Who

4-I once had a fight with someone.... and we just hugged each other yesterday.... Healing!!!!

5- I have six cats and a lizard

6-I have roughly 35 different dinosaur encyclopedias and over 60 dinosaur documentaries

7-I like godzilla

8-I plan on making a web series with my youtube and real friends

9-Me and my friends are probably the worst people to ever speak......EVER.

10- I play precussion,the piano,recorder, and a little bit of guitar 

11-I love the concept of pale-ecology

12- unlike some, I want to be a paleontologist first, then a pale artist, unlike my friend witch is the other way around

13- (BIG SHOCKER) I'm roman catholic.

and thats it! hope you enjoyed!
Hi guys!
 so i just wanted to tell you that i'm on youtube as well as deviant art, and in two days, me and my other youtube friends will be having a live stream were we'll be talking about everything prehistoric, if you have a google+ account please, be willing to ask any questions you have when the lifestream comes! ( also, as of my last blog we just got air conditioning so feel uncomfortable when you see me in a tank top, it's 90 degrees....) My youtube channel is dinoal188!
Just decided that today i would shoot the first of a new series on you tube about dinosaurs, it went great!