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Sorry for the late celebration, but yeah, happy easter!
Merry Christmas!
So I've been and will continue to be on a hiatus for a bit, I am still working on ALOT of content!
  • Listening to: Star wars music
  • Reading: The Giver
  • Watching: Markiplier
So I have just realized I'm good aquantences wit the creator of the half sail dimetrodon guy, tarbosaurus battar...... So there's that!!!
  • Listening to: Tsunami
  • Reading: The journal entry
  • Watching: jackspeticeye.
So I;ve been tagged with the 13 question thing so here they are!

1- My favorite Dinosaur is Baryonx

2- I'm a first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and still going

3-I love Doctor Who

4-I once had a fight with someone.... and we just hugged each other yesterday.... Healing!!!!

5- I have six cats and a lizard

6-I have roughly 35 different dinosaur encyclopedias and over 60 dinosaur documentaries

7-I like godzilla

8-I plan on making a web series with my youtube and real friends

9-Me and my friends are probably the worst people to ever speak......EVER.

10- I play precussion,the piano,recorder, and a little bit of guitar 

11-I love the concept of pale-ecology

12- unlike some, I want to be a paleontologist first, then a pale artist, unlike my friend witch is the other way around

13- (BIG SHOCKER) I'm roman catholic.

and thats it! hope you enjoyed!
Hi guys!
 so i just wanted to tell you that i'm on youtube as well as deviant art, and in two days, me and my other youtube friends will be having a live stream were we'll be talking about everything prehistoric, if you have a google+ account please, be willing to ask any questions you have when the lifestream comes! ( also, as of my last blog we just got air conditioning so feel uncomfortable when you see me in a tank top, it's 90 degrees....) My youtube channel is dinoal188!
Just decided that today i would shoot the first of a new series on you tube about dinosaurs, it went great!